Alison Review: Can It Help You Achieve Your Learning Goals?

Picture yourself learning at your own pace, earning certifications from institutions like Google and Stanford. With Alison, your learning aspirations are within reach.

Stick around as we dive into whether it truly delivers on its promise. Let’s explore together in this in-depth review of Alison.

What is Alison?

Alison is a free online platform where you can access over 4,000 courses in ten different categories, designed to help you learn new skills, gain certifications, and build your career. It’s not just any learning platform; it’s a powerhouse.

It’s partnered with giants like Google, Stanford, Microsoft, and the University of Cambridge to produce expert courses. You’re getting knowledge from the best.

Founded by Mike Feerick, Alison’s goal is to make education accessible to everyone and it’s succeeding. With over 30 million users in 195 countries, it’s changing lives through free learning.

It’s even bagged prestigious awards like the UNESCO award in 2011 and the World Innovation Summit for Education award in 2013.

Who Are the Instructors?

While you’re taking advantage of the vast array of courses on offer, it’s important to know that the instructors guiding your learning are top-notch.

The gurus leading your courses include C-suite executives from prominent firms, accomplished academics from esteemed universities like Stanford and University of Cambridge, and professionals with a strong passion for teaching. These experts strive to extend their business outreach or share their knowledge.

You’re also taught by professional lecturers, teachers, and researchers who are masters in their fields. Alison’s mission to make education accessible to all is mirrored in the quality of its instructors. So you’re not just learning, you’re learning from the best.

How Does Alison Work?

It starts by signing up for a free account. Then, you can freely browse and enroll in any of the 4,000+ courses. You have the option to take courses free of charge or purchase a certification/diploma. If you wish, you can also sign up for a premium account, which offers regular discounts and an ad-free experience.

The platform offers a variety of options:

  • Diploma Courses for gaining specialist knowledge
  • Certificate Courses for job-role training
  • English Learning Courses for all levels
  • Premium Subscription for an ad-free learning experience

How Much Does Alison Cost?

Despite being a free platform for learning, you’ll find that there are some costs associated with Alison if you decide to opt for extras like certifications or a premium subscription.

All courses, whether they’re certificate or diploma, are free to access. However, if you desire a formal certificate, you’ll need to pay a fee. A digital certificate for a diploma will cost you $110, and for a certificate course, it’ll be $35. These prices can increase if you wish for a physical or even framed version.

Premium Membership

If you’re considering Alison’s Premium Membership, it’s worth understanding that your $8.72/month investment not only eliminates all ads but also provides unique monthly discounts and up to 50% off certificate prices. This subscription offers several benefits that can enhance your learning journey.

Here are some perks of Premium Membership:

  • Ad-free learning: Enjoy an uninterrupted learning experience without any advertisements.
  • Exclusive discounts: Avail yourself of unique monthly deals that can save you money.
  • Reduced certificate prices: Get up to 50% off on the price of certificates.
  • Support Alison’s mission: Your subscription helps Alison in their goal to provide free education to all.

Opting for Premium Membership can enrich your Alison experience while contributing to a worthy cause.

Alison Certificate

The Alison Certificate is a valuable tool you can use to validate your learning and enhance your professional credibility. For an extra fee, you can get an official certificate or diploma to display in your CV, social media profiles, or job applications.

Alison provides three types of certificates: digital, physical, and framed. While you get the digital copy immediately, the physical certificate is officially branded and shipped for free.

Even if you don’t opt for an official certificate, you can share your Learner Record/Learner Achievement Verification through your dashboard. If you’re taking a vocational course, a digital copy could be a worthy purchase to stand out among other job candidates.

Best Alison Courses

Based on popularity and ratings, here are some top courses you might consider:

  • Diploma in Caregiving: This course by Advance Learning helps you sharpen your caregiving skills, understanding legal issues, and treating various medical conditions.
  • Diploma in Workplace Safety and Health: Another course by Advance Learning, it focuses on creating a safe and productive workplace, understanding legislations, and distinguishing roles.
  • Basics of Manual Handling in the Workplace: This Apex Learning course teaches manual handling basics, focusing on safety protocols.
  • Beginner English 101: This Alison course is perfect for those starting their English learning journey.

What I Like about Alison

Let’s dive into what makes Alison a standout platform in the e-learning landscape.

You’ll appreciate the professionally-published courses offered, ensuring you’re learning from world-class experts.

Unlike other platforms, Alison’s courses are completely free, aligning with their mission to make education accessible to all.

The course content is well-structured, with transparent learning plans catering to various learning styles.

You’ll find a vast course catalog covering a broad spectrum of interests and careers.

Apart from the courses, Alison offers additional services like resumé review, mental health assessment, and more.

All these resources at zero cost make Alison a truly unique and significant player in the online learning world, helping you achieve your learning goals without breaking the bank.

Who is Alison for?

If you’re a career-builder unable to afford costly college courses, a lifelong learner keen on exploring new subjects, or an employer aiming to upscale your team’s skills, Alison’s diverse course offerings could be your perfect fit. But that’s not all. Alison caters to a wide audience, making it an ideal learning platform for many individuals.

  • If you’re seeking a career change, Alison’s courses can equip you with new skills and knowledge, enhancing your resume.
  • For hobbyists or those with unique interests, Alison’s broad course array provides an opportunity to explore and learn for free.
  • Employers can use Alison to foster professional development within their teams, promoting job satisfaction and a positive work environment.
  • Even if you’re just keen to learn something new, Alison’s platform offers endless possibilities.

Is Alison Worth it?

When considering whether Alison is worth your time and effort, you’ve got to evaluate your personal learning goals and potential benefits of the platform.

  • Is expanding your skill set or exploring new interests your aim? Alison’s sprawling course catalog might be right up your alley.
  • Are you looking for a cost-effective way to gain further qualifications? Alison’s free, certificate-based learning could make it a worthwhile option.
  • Do you need flexibility? With Alison, you can study at your own pace.
  • Are you seeking resources beyond coursework? Alison offers services like resumé building and mental health assessments.


So, is Alison the key to unlocking your potential?

Absolutely! It’s a fantastic platform for self-driven learners wanting to expand their knowledge. With its variety of courses from top-notch sources, and the bonus of earning certifications, Alison truly stands out.

Whether you’re a professional or a lifelong learner, Alison is an ideal option for you. Remember, education is an investment, and with Alison, it’s a worthy one.